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Leadership Team

Mayer Gross

With a long-held interest in mortgages and over 20 years of experience, Mayer leads our team with professionalism, foresight, and vision. His experience with prestigious banks such as the West Town Savings Bank and The Federal Savings Bank make him an expert in the field and an extraordinary leader.

Elozar Dorfman

Moshe Steinmetz
Chief Operating Officer

Chani Frankel
Executive Assistant

Loan Officers

Yossi Jacobs
Loan Originator, Monsey NY

Before joining Capital M, Yossi worked for three years as a real estate professional. Upon joining our team in 2017, Yossi worked as a processor but quickly worked himself up to a full-fledged Loan Originator. Yossi focuses on excellent client communication, ensuring that his clients always understand and are involved in every detail of their loan.

Joel Friedman
Loan Originator, Monroe NY

Joel started his career in medical billing, managing millions of dollars in financial transactions. Now a mortgage master, Joel utilizes his organization and attention to detail to ensure that his clients always receive the best deal.

Moshe Strulovics
Loan Originator, Brooklyn NY

Joining our team recently, Moshe has already made a name for himself with the personal attention he gives to each client. Before joining Capital M, Moshe worked as a loan officer at FM Home Loans. Moshe excels in seamlessly communicating with both realtors and clients to provide hassle-free closings.

Mayer Fixler
Loan Originator, Brooklyn NY

Mayer started his career in the mortgage financing industry and has never looked back. He’s known for the white-glove service he provides his clients. Mayer truly puts himself in his clients’ shoes to communicate with them in a way that streamlines the entire loan process.

Shimon Rubinstein
Loan Originator, Monroe NY

Starting off as a processor in 2015, Shimon has now become a soughtafter mortgage master. With his friendly attitude and steady smile, Shimon gets the job done quickly, quietly, and effectively, providing detail-oriented work and superb customer service.

Michelle Elbaum
Senior Loan Originator

Mrs. Elbaum comes with a full background of mortgage experience starting back in 1997. With her laser-sharp focus and stellar costumer communications, she is a profound asset to the Capital M team.

Simy Wieder
Loan Originator, Monsey NY

Kickstarting her career in 2012, Simy successfully worked at several different mortgage firms before joining Capital M. With her vital experience and expertise, her professionalism resonates throughout the entire mortgage process and helps her clients on the road to success.

Aron Waldman
Loan Originator, Brooklyn NY.

Efraim Kastel
Loan Originator, Monsey NY

Aron Simon
Loan Originator, Monroe NY

Yitzchok Knopfler
In-House Team Leader Loan Officer, Monroe NY

Chany Schwartz
Loan Originator, Monroe NY

Efraim Moshe Gross
Loan Originator, Monroe NY

Mutty Lunger
Loan Originator, Monsey NY

Raizy Goldberger
Sales Development Representative

Office management

Etty Mayer
Office Manager
Ruchy Rosenberg
Finance Department
Malky Feldman
Compliance Officer
Shavy Moskovits
Team Leader – Processing

Loan Processors

Devorie Falkowitz
Loan Processor
Yitty Retek
Loan Processor
Sury Aron
Loan Processor
Gitty Gluck
Loan Processor
Charnie Brill
Loan Processor
Chevy Fischer
Loan Processor
Esty Lowinger
Loan Processor
Freidy Mertz
Loan Processor
Leah Simon
Loan Processor
Malky Meisels
Loan Processor
Malky Teitelbaum
Loan Processor
Mindy Schwartz
Loan Processor
Miri Knopfler
Loan Processor
Ruchy Goldstein
Loan Processor

Loan Officer Assistant

Yitty Spitzer
Loan Officer Assistant
Machly Roth
Loan Officer Assistant
Zissy Tauber
Loan Officer Assistant
Blimy Simon
Loan Officer Assistant