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I must tell you how amazed I am at the way your team are handled my mortgage. As a condo manager I've dealt with a lot of mortgage agencies that have a complicated process. I was surprised at how easy your team made the whole process! I am looking forward to more positive developments your team on my side!

J. Miller

Although you could have made more money, you did what was best for me. I'm really amazed at the honesty you showed me. I came to refinance my mortgage and although you could have just done the job, you told me that it actually wasn't in my best interests. Thank you!!

Mordechai H.

It was a real first-class experience!" I just closed my first loan with Capital M. I'm amazed at the high-level communication I got on each step and the quick response time. At the closing I felt so calm. I felt assured that everything is done right. It was a real first-class experience!

Nisim Ch. Sued

Your team handled everything like pro's and were excellent with communication. Now that we are done with the closing I have to tell you that I felt very secure and calm during the loan process. Your team handled everything like pro's and were excellent with communication. I always knew where I was up to with my loan without making an outbound call - I was always the one receiving the update calls. Much appreciated!

Yoel E Shwartz

Thanks to all your hard work in bringing about such a smooth closing, with so little involvement on our end.

J Friedman

I heard from my friends that getting a mortgage would be a complicated process and will take up a lot of my time. With Capital M it wasn’t complicated at all. Everything went smoothly and they expertly handled everything, from start to finish. At the first meeting, Yoely Friedman - my agent, was so clear with explaining everything. At one closing, he even saved me a few thousand dollars for things that he advised were not necessary. And another time when the rates dropped, he called me up if I want to refinance. I had no idea about it - he just simply called me.

Shlomo David GreenfeldPresident of Up To Date Tech Solutions

In one breath I would say: “I benefited of their suberb service, pre-qualifications, timely responses, keeping my customers engaged so when the CO gets issued they’re ready to close. Capital M maintains open communication with the builder and customer and prepare everyone about closing so there are no surprises like cost and fees.


“They’re very honest, straightforward, keep an open line of communication, and ‘the end of the day’ my customer is happy and that reflects good on the builder. I’ve done most probably over 1,000 closings with Capital M.”


I used Capital M several times and wouldn’t use anyone else. I was concerned when choosing a mortgage broker, afraid that they will have their own interest in mind and I’ll just be a number in the game. But with Capital M, my experience was a completely-positive one. I wouldn’t risk trying someone else. I can rely on Capital M that they will bring the best possible results out there. Their communication is very strong. They keep me in the loop with what they are planning and where things are up to. They like to bring me good news, like where they saved me money and waived fees. You can feel they are passionate. They make the customer feel important, appreciated, and respected.”

Chesky Brisk

I just successfully closed a happy client on his new home. A special thanks to Lazer Sofer from Capital M for bringing 100% funds ($334,650 from a $335k sale). You guys are the best!

Y. Ungar

Wow, what a journey. And I’m glad I had you guys along on it. Thanks Lazer for being so proactive, responsive, and helpful from start to end. Not sure how many mortgage guys would be so patient in explaining to me everything with passion and expertise, guiding me through all the hardships and obstacles. Thanks Yitty for being so emotionally involved, and really going out of your way to make things happen on time despite the delays, issues, and holidays. And thanks to the other back-end part of your team. You’re definitely #1 on my mind for anyone that will ask me for a mortgage broker recommendation. Working with you was a true pleasure!


I’m not a writer, so don’t have the right words for you, but I’m sure your heart feels what I mean. Pleasure dealing with people like you!


My wife and I would like to express our sincerest appreciation to you for being at our side, from when our file began… all the way to the closing table. We felt taken care of, we felt pressure-free knowing that our file is being driven by the pro’s who really know their stuff and are willing to help and be patient with us throughout the entire journey. Your professionalism and care are greatly appreciated. We are looking forward to working with you on our next project soon. Thank you!


We were extremely happy dealing with Moshe Strulovics. Throughout the entire process, he was always available for us. He is a very nice person and a pleasure to deal with! Mr. Strulovics was always there to assist us through every step of the way! and of course get the best deal for us! I would highly recommend him to anybody.


Communication AND patience. A pleasure to deal with Moshe. He really outdid himself to help get our loan as quickly as possible.

Rachel M.

I have no words to write on paper to describe how satisfying it was having Capital M’s VIP customers service. Looking forward doing more business in the future!

Jacob W.

Moshe was very attentive and always followed up. This was the first time we did a loan and Moshe was very helpful in walking us through the entire process.

Vasiliki S.

Thank you so much for all your help down the road. I am grateful that I dealt with such great people at this time. It was a great pleasure dealing with Capital M. I appreciate you going out of your way to make things happen, and doing it with so much heart and devotion!

Yanky F.

Thank you, Lazer and the team, for another smooth transaction. It's amazing how much you are on top of your stuff. I have dealt with other companies in the past, and it feels good to deal with people who are in top of their game… Caring for the client for real, not just saying it. Much appreciation.

Yoel F.

We closed yesterday! Thank you very much for all your assistance getting the mortgage approved and preparing us for closing. Your professionalism and efficiency made it a great experience working with you.

Goldy Greenfeld